Advertising or Advocacy?

This semi-recent advertising campaign, created by Chipotle’s in-house advertising and marketing team, illustrates a new approach to branding a company. The ad holds a significant amount of importance because it educates society and calls for social responsibility from corporate giants.

The animated short film explores the turmoil farmers undergo with agricultural business transformations on the large scale. Chipotle chooses to remove itself from the typical farming procedures and instead goes ‘Back to the Start’, which allows them to support farmers who cultivate their product from the ground up without any added impurities. Chipotle cycled through a variety of advertising agencies and became dissatisfied with the typical approach to marketing a fast food company. Unlike many other fast food corporations Chipotle hasn’t added an item to its menu in 17 years, keeping its fundamental ideals and practices inherent throughout the entire string of more than 1,200 locations.

This advertisement was disseminated throughout television outlets during major media events, such as the Grammys. Chipotle’s goal for this ad was to spread awareness rather than bringing more customers into their already popular chains. The ad went viral because social networking sites and advertising analysts picked it up. Advertising Age writers Maureen Morrison and Natalie Zmuda give perspectives on the ad itself as well as Chipotle’s approach to advertising in general.

The ad is attempting to raise awareness about fundamental ideals that set Chipotle apart from other fast food establishments. The company is striving to prove to its customers that they are practicing fair farming procedures and making smart choices. The ad is also challenging other establishments in the same market as Chipotle. It is time that corporations take a stand with their productions and become role models for the rest of society.

The first step to correcting the corruption currently present in today’s food system is only going to be accomplished once mega food establishments practice the ethical procedures that are being demanded by the people. Chipotle proves to be successful with this by upholding their ethical practices.

The ad discussed in this post wasn’t Chipotle’s first attempt at sharing their efforts to support farmers. Another short film shows the hardship farmers endure while agribusiness consumes them. This ad was a part of their campaign with CAA, the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation and Farm Aid.


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